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Ok guys, this is it. This is the one site you have to join if you are into lesbian porn. The girls are awesome, the video quality is outstanding, and all the movies are downloadable. And if you like photos, they have over thirty thousand premium pictures, as well. I am a video man myself, so let me tell you about their movies.

First, they clips are full length -  twenty to thirty minutes long. They are about 1500k/sec  WMV files - which means they look fantastic at full screen.  And no doubt, these are on average some extremely good looking young women. Most of them are around college age - their are very few mature women on the site - or busty women. Most are quite thin, with smaller, natural boobs. These very real looking women also have some very real looking sex.

That is probably what makes this site so much better than most other sites I have seen. The girls interact with each other with a very realistic and believable passion for other. The women seem legitimately attracted to other, and they don't seem to be faking it all. They usually kiss for quite a while, and slowly undress each other, working their way to more intimate action. And the cunnilingus usually lasts a long time, too.  They don't run for the dildos right away like in so many other videos I've seen. The result is some sexually charged, passionate movies that you will be able to watch again and again.


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